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MOZA CRP Load Cell Pedal

MOZA CRP Load Cell Pedal

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The Perfect Fusion of Automotive and Art

The colors of black and gold were chosen to bring out the competitive spirit of the driver. The CRP pedal’s design incorporates the essence of hyper car styling.


All Aluminum Alloy Frame

The screen is wrapped in an all-aluminum alloy frame. Keeping the design simple, thin, and durable.


Reproducing the Thrill of Racing

Stiffer or softer, it is easy to change the resistance of the pedals. A driver can create the perfect pedal feel using the included springs and damping blocks.


Floor Mounted Organ Type Accelerator Pedal

The organ-type accelerator pedal allows the driver's foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory. Which makes throttle control easier and more accurate.


Load Cell Pressure Sensor

The CRP Pedals feature Moza’s Mpressure. A high precision load cell sensor offering the most accurate way to measure applied force. Potentiometer-based pedals are inconstant in measuring applied force. And when it comes to shaving seconds off a lap time, a driver needs to haver precise control.


What is inluded ?


1 x CRP Load Cell Pedal


Tech Spec:-


Overall Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy 
Load Cell Max Limit - 1000N 
Throttle Form - Organ Floor Type 
Pedal Force - Adjustable 
Pedal Face Angle - Adjustable 
Pedal Distance - Adjustable 
Pedal Flush - Adjustable 
Pedal Stroke - Adjustable 
Connection - USB 
Size - 364mm*415.1mm*256.5mm 
Mass - 7.5KG


Standard Warranty: 12 months

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