About Us

Thank you for exploring Virtual Racing Hub. As we developed our Sim-Room in New Delhi, we recognized the need for top-tier sim rigs along with proper technical and service support. We noticed many pre existing options in the market are underwhelming with little to no warranty or technical support and featuring sub par components with badly calibrated software.

Our journey began when our team immersed ourselves in sim racing as the track season wound down. Engaging in games like Dirt Rally 2.0,Asseto Corsa and I-racing we were captivated by the competition, adrenaline rush, and nerve-wracking moments. Believing others should share this experience, Virtual Racing Hub was conceived.

Drawing from our collective business expertise, we established direct connections with leading brands to source the finest products for our customers. Our aim is to replicate the real-life racing experience as closely as possible. We take pride in ensuring that what we offer is something we would personally endorse and use ourselves.