We, at Virtual Racing Hub are the pioneers of utilising simulation as a means of maximising the potential of events.

 What We Offer:

  • Professional Motorsport Simulators used by racing drivers
  • Tailored packages to suit your requirements
  •  Unique branding opportunities
  •  End to End managed service

 Benefits of Simulation: 

  •  Increased footfall
  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased engagement
  •  Availability of full range of branding opportunities 
  • Data capturing opportunities
  • High tech appeals to Gen X Y & Z
  • High quality, as used by professional drivers
  • Unique fun experience
  • Perfectly suited to Automotive / Tech brands
  • Inclusive – Suitable for 16+
  • Team building opportunities
  • Team training opportunities
  • Assessment opportunities


    We may use your business's logo to brand the event environment, in-game, event staff, displays, leader boards, and simulators in order to maximize your activation.


    We can customize an experience to fit your event and achieve your objectives, whether it is Formula 1, Rally, GT Racing, Karting, or Drifting. We also provide cutting-edge virtual reality activities that aim to amuse and challenge.

    Team Building / Training:

    • We offer on-site team development and training at your location.
    • We can create a safe and enjoyable copy of the fast-paced environment of a Formula 1 team by using racing simulators.
    • Collaborating in circumstances that are unfamiliar to them will test teams.
    • In order to finish a relay race and several obstacles before the clock runs out, they must act swiftly to assign roles and duties.
    • They have to cooperate as a team in the end to prevail!

    ** Additionally, we may offer driver education that includes more responsible driving and classroom theory.